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Pita Line


Condition: Good

Pita Line Equipment includes:

1. DBE Spiral Mixer, M/N 160, S/N 8912286, 200lb.
capacity, 2 speed, w/ 10 H.P., 6 H.P. & 1.1 H.P. motors, stainless steel bowl, hook, reversible bowl, 220 volts, 3 phase.
(new timer switch, pulley and shaft replaced 2 years ago)

2. Pagani automatic divider/rounder,
4-pocket, w/ hopper feed, 30" wide motor driven belt conveyor, 2 sets rounding cups,
20 cups per set, 220 volts, 3 phase.

3. Pagani 1,500-pocket first proofer unit, 6-across, no humidity control,
220 volts, 3 phase.

4. Karsh sheeter portable stand, 10'x 2' belt conveyor, w/ 4-pocket hopper feeder and sheeter roll with
Allen Bradley adjustable frequency motor drive, 220 volts 3 phase.

5. Karsh 3' feet sheeter, 2-6' feed conveyors, 6' off-feed conveyor,
Teflon roll, 220 volts, 3 phase.

6. Karsh final proofer, w/ 3'x 8' belt conveyor feed,
12- tier backward/forward final proofer, 3' wide x 22' long conveyor, w/ 6' off-feed belt conveyor to oven, 3 separate
Allen Bradley adjustable frequency motor drives, 220 volts 3 phase.

7. C.H. Babb 20' tunnel gas fired oven,
3 H.P. steel belt conveyor drive, 7- top burners, 4-bottom burners, w/ Flynn Burner spark monitor
surface mount w/ front connection for electrode, FM approved, w/exhaust.
(chain and plates replaced-6"steel plates; a complete set of interlocking 6" plates from C.H.
Babb never installed; all new controls -high and low gas pressure, main gas valve, and spark
monitoring units added to oven in 1995).

8. Wire cooling rack, 2' x 20' 5-tier backward/forward conveyor,
w/ C.H. Babb off-feed 2' x 10' motorized chain conveyor system.

9. Arvin Associates control system
for oven and air intake. (New-1995) 1

0. Air blower motor.

 11. 20' packaging counter

12. Tachit bag packing machine, bench type.