(10) Werner Pfleiderer Gas Rack Ovens

10 Gas Werner Pfleiderer Rack Ovens, 75 Racks & 1000 Pans

Can be seen at warehouse in New Jersey, they have been taken out of the bakery in one piece. The ovens have been maintained by WP each year. Can fit other double racks with a modification to the platform and racks.


  • Large single gas rack oven, can be converted to double rack
  • Midco gas burner, 355,000 btu
  • Manufacturing year 2000
  • Large-scale S-shaped WINNER heat exchanger
  • ETS 10 Control System
  • Maintained yearly by Werner Pfleiderer
  • Made in Germany
  • New $53,000 each
  • (60) Oversized Stainless Steel Racks
    • 70.25″ x 26″ x 30.5″
    • $150 each
  • (1000) Perforated Sheet Pans
    • 31.5″ x 23.5″
    • $15 each

Inventory# 519J0005

Manufacturer’s Information:

Natural Gas heated. High performance low cost. Application:The WINNER baking cabinet with rotating trolley is suitable for baking dark bread, traditional loaves, all types of rolls, soft rolls, cakes, biscuits, croissants etc.

In standard design: ETS 10 control system with safety package (per CE standard), automatic rotary plate shut-off.

Advantages: Large-scale, S-shaped heat exchanger, No overheating, Low number of welding points, long service life, No fixed lock, suitable for all trolley types – no special holders required on baking trolley, exhaust duct installed in air circulation system optimum energy efficiency, large turning circle diameter of 1,250 mm, all types of trolley up to 1,250 mm diagonal diameter can be used, modular design, three-sided positioning possibilities, best possible use of space, low constructional height, required minimum room height only 2.5 m, collection of hot baking chamber air, all maintenance and service parts are standard products, available everywhere worldwide.

Technical Details:
The WINNER heat exchanger sets new standards
The new, patented heat exchanger operates by superior heating concept, i.e. with a top-mounted circulating fan. The design has a lot fewer welding points and its S-shape provides the pipes with more room for expansion without placing too much strain on the material. This means that there is virtually no danger of welding seams rupturing. The exhaust duct is also installed in the air circulation system. This enables the oven to achieve optimum energy efficiency with calculable savings.
ETS 10 control system
The straightforward, logically designed control panel is easy to understand even for newly trained personnel. The hard-wearing foil keyboard is easy to clean.
Technical Data
Width in mm – 2,100
Depth with 1 door in mm – 1,700
Depth with additional doors at rear in mm – 1,852
Height without extractor in mm – 2,456
Height with extractor hood in mm – 2,770
Required room height without hood in mm – 2,600
Required room height with hood in mm – 2,850
Clear baking chamber door height in mm – 1,850
Clear baking chamber door width in mm – 1,090
Oven weight in kg – 1,600 incl. hood
Baking trolley for WINNER with 1 door – Max. Baking trolley height in mm – 1,810
Baking trolley size – Nearly all standard baking trolley sizes possible
Rotating circle in mm – 1,250
Max. rotary plate load in kg – 350
Only baking trolley with Rototherm centering
Baking trays
For WINNER with 1 door – Max. baking tray size in mm – 800 x 1,000 mm
For WINNER with additional doors at rear
Max. baking tray size in mm – 600 or 530 x 650
Connected loads
Current supply for fans and control