AFE 600 Wire Cut


AFE-660 wire cut spritzer forms the cookie dough through extruding the dough, it can produce many kinds of cookies. The machine can form the cookies by molding, nozzle extruding or wire cut. The machine is PLC program controlled, operated by a touch screen, equipped with a servo motor.

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Technical Parameters:

1. Main frame is Mildsteel.

2. The outside cover and hopper is #304 stainless steel

3. Convey belt width: 660mm

4. Included 8 baking pans, the pan size: 660*450mm (18*26 inch)

5. Extruding speed: 3-5 seconds each stroke

6. Extruding weight: 5-15g

7. Power supply: 220v, 60 Hz

8. Total power: 3kw

9. With one set of harps for Wire-cutting.

10. With six sets of nozzle moulds (each set with 10 pcs of moulds, total 60 pcs)

Electric Component configuration:

1. One servo motor (Delta Brand, which conforms to ULcertificate.)

2. One touch screen & PLC. (Siemens brand, conforms to CE standard)

3. Air cylinder: Airtac, conforms to CE standard

4. Proximity switch: Omron, conforms to CE standard