Hartmann VS 320 Bagger

Hartmann VS 320 SV Packing Machine

Manufacturer Specifications:

Fully automated bag packing machine for large and flat products. Due to its universal suitability for packing and sealing plastic bags, the machine fulfils the complex packaging requirements on an international level. The dimensioning of the drive concept ensures consistent switchpoint accuracy for all functions and reduces maintenance to the minimum. The complete separation of product processing area and mechanical drive allows this machine design to satisfy all clean-room requirements, as well.


Flexibly adjustable light barriers for fast adjustment to different products.

Automatic bag magazine “ABM”

The bag stacks can be refilled while the equipment is running.

Cooling pump

Robust pump system for cooling the sealing beam.

Sealing with the sealing beam

The pulse-controlled sealing station ensures exact sealing results.

Overview of VS 320 SV

packing machine features

  • Servo-controlled drive units
  • Shut-off device stops the equipment when the last bag is pulled off the bag stack
  • Pulse-controlled bag pre-opening and inflation unit
  • Vacuum supplied bag pick-up unit
  • Sterile filter for sterilising the
  • compressed air coming into contact with the products
  • Filter chamber with screw-in
  • filter cartridges upstream of the suction blower
  • Spreader plates with quick-release fasteners, continuously adjustable (height and width)
  • Integrated pulse-controlled sealing station with temperature control
  • DOM: 2006

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Model VS 320 SV

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length: approx. 4295 mm
  • Width: approx. 2035 mm
  • Table level: min. 955 mm
  • Overall height: min. 1790 mm
  • Film collection container height: 2545

Product dimensions:

  • Length: 60-300 mm
  • Width: max. 260 mm
  • Height: 20-150 mm
  • Capacity: up to 70 cycles / min
  • Packaging material: Pre-manufactured plastic bags
  • Power Input: 4.0 KW
  • Compressed Air: min. 5.0 bar
  • Weight: 1600 kg
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